5 ways to reduce accidents from an aggressive driver

Aggressive driving is not only dangerous to the driver but also to anyone around them. You may, unfortunately, find yourself side-by-side with an aggressive driver. You may not realize it at first until they start yelling, honking their horn, shouting obscenities and tail-gating or brake-checking. This can happen to just about anyone, but often happens to people who are impatient, in a rush or blowing off steam.

Yet, you shouldn’t have to feel threatened when another driver is acting recklessly. You should understand how you can protect yourself from an aggressive driver. Here’s what you should know:

1. Move into another lane

The best thing you can possibly do when dealing with an aggressive driver is to move to another lane. This way the other driver isn’t targeting your car and can easily pass you.

2. Find a safe place to stop

If you find the aggressive driver is still following you and there are no other lanes, then you may consider finding a place to stop. You may notice a drive-thru or gas station that should be safe to stop for a moment before getting on the road again. By then, the other driver should be long gone.

3. Don’t get mad

It’s easy to get angry because another driver is aching recklessly. By matching the aggression levels of another driver, you may only increase your risk of injury.

4. Stay focused on the road

All in all, you should be focusing on the road ahead of you, instead of what another driver is doing. Following traffic laws and ensuring there aren’t any dangers ahead of you might be the best way to reduce injuries. Focusing too much on what another driver is doing may only risk your chances of getting into an accident.

5. Know your legal rights

You may have done everything you can to reduce the chances of an accident. However, aggressive drivers can be unpredictable. As such, you may find yourself in an accident and may need to understand your legal rights when seeking compensation.

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