Will the driver who wrecked your motorcycle pay to replace it?

Motorcycle collisions are often unfairly lopsided, with the rider of a motorcycle often having the worst outcomes and highest costs. Even though motorcycle riders often have more training and are usually very cautious on the road, they can end up severely hurt and even unable to work because of a crash caused by someone else.

In theory, every motorist in Wisconsin has liability insurance, and the coverage of the driver who hits someone on their motorcycle will help pay for their medical expenses, lost wages and property damage losses. However, a brand-new motorcycle can be as expensive as a car in some cases, depending on the brand that someone purchases.

Insurance coverage may not be sufficient

Unfortunately, Wisconsin’s basic requirements for insurance aren’t really enough to fully reimburse those affected by a major wreck. When it comes to property damage coverage in particular, the state only mandates $10,000 of property damage liability protection. If the driver who hits someone’s motorcycle and leaves it unsafe to use in the future only has that bare minimum coverage, what their policy pays out could fall woefully short of the true cost to purchase a replacement motorcycle.

The discrepancy between actual costs and insurance coverage is even more severe in cases involving serious bodily injury. Wisconsin motorists only need to provide $25,000 of bodily injury coverage in cases where they hurt or kill one person in a crash and $50,000 when a single incident hurts multiple people. The required coverage may not even be enough to pay someone’s hospital bills, let alone cover months of lost wages.

Lawsuits often follow major motorcycle crashes

Given the potential for major property damage in catastrophic injury, does not surprising that motorcycle collisions frequently necessitate legal action rather than just insurance claims. Especially when someone who caused a wreck either didn’t have insurance or had very low coverage amounts, those hurt in the crash may need to pursue a personal injury claim as a means of recouping their various financial losses.

Knowing what steps to take after a motorcycle crash may help those who end up hurt on their next ride. Additionally, it is important for newly-injured riders to seek legal guidance once they’re medically stable so that they can pursue any compensation to which they’re rightfully entitled.

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