A car accident with a larger vehicle can cause hidden injuries

When it comes to car accidents, the laws of physics usually put small cars at a disadvantage, favoring big ones. With that said, car accidents with a larger car can cause catastrophic injuries, some of which might be immediately evident, while others may take longer to become apparent.

Since hidden injuries can be substantial and cause long-term effects if left untreated. Below are examples of some hidden injuries to watch out for after a car accident involving a larger vehicle.

Brain injuries

When your head hits an object during an accident, the force can be strong enough to make your brain move inside your skull resulting in brain damage. While some traumatic brain injuries become symptomatic immediately, some, like brain bleeding and swelling, only become evident after some time has passed.


Whiplash is soft tissue damage that affects neck muscles and tendons. It occurs when there is a rapid back-and-forth movement of the head and neck during an accident, including most rear-end collisions. Unfortunately, most symptoms of this injury are hidden and can consist of pain that might not be noticed immediately.

Internal organ injuries

These injuries can be a result of excessive force affecting an organ. For example, the pressure of the seat belt can injure your kidneys, liver, heart or lungs. With that said, the symptoms of such injuries might take some time before becoming obvious.

Spinal cord injuries

Various types of spinal cord injuries can occur during an accident. While these injuries can cause temporary or permanent paralysis, some might involve symptoms that don’t show immediately. Instead, symptoms like numbness, tingling and pain might take at least a few hours, days or weeks before they appear.

Regardless of the size of the car you were driving, car accident injuries should never be taken for granted. Therefore, if you have been involved in an accident, it is crucial to get medical attention immediately to avoid any complications. Once you are medically stable, you can seek legal guidance as well.

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